Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer 2010

Found a beautiful "zion's park" looking place right here 45 minutes away!

Bottled A lot of peaches and chile!

Rode Motos!

Here are some other things we did this summer: Went to utah and of course had to stop at the dinosaur musuem once again!

Got to see Brody sealed to his family and spend time with our cousins in Utah! We went up to Jamie's house too, but of course I hardly have any pictures of this trip!

My mom and dad were there too!!!!

A very special day! Sorry but I am still a lazy blogger and don't feel like fixing these pictures!!!


Kirsten said...

For some reason it took me a minute who was standing next to Tanner! haha! Cute picture and BTW... we are enjoying the chilies and Peaches you brought down! mmmm!!!!