Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kason's Baptism

It happened! My second child is already 8! Where does time go? When we moved here he was just a cute little 16 month old toddler with blond wild hair who REALLY loved his mama! (NOOOOOO.... MY MOM!!!!) The baptism was so nice! There is another boy in the ward who recently turned 8 and they got baptized together. We spent the day together eating steaks and preparing for the big day and I had fun getting to know them better! The baptism was crowded, maybe the biggest I've seen and I felt blessed to have the support of such family and good friends! We had an excellent talk by Grandma Jones and a little message from Grandma Houseman! It was so nice of her to think of my mom who lives thousands of miles away and can't be here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthday Boy

Tanner turned 3 years old on September 25th. He is getting so big and if you might have noticed, is a little obessesed with disney "cars" I can't believe I found a lightening pinata! I can't believe my little baby is 3, we love you tanner!!!


9 years, 6 months of chaning diapers, 2 years of those being double diaper duty and I am finally done changing diapers!! HAPPY DAY! Tanner has been my very hardest and most stubborn to potty train, but he is doing great and enjoying being a "big boy"!

First Day

First day of school pictures for the boys: Jamison 4th grade, Kason 2nd grade, Ryder pre kinder, Tanner- joy school! Love these little boys, now stop growing up please!

Half Marathon

I have wanted to run a half marathon for awhile, but it is hard to find one on a saturday and close by. So, when I was in Utah I noticed there was one right by my sister's house! I debated back and forth if I should do it, but when Shauna said she would do it with me, I decided to do it for sure! I am so glad, it was so fun and such beautiful scenery! It was all through hobble creek canyon. My goal time was under 2 hours and i finished at 1:56:54!

Summer 2010

Found a beautiful "zion's park" looking place right here 45 minutes away!

Bottled A lot of peaches and chile!

Rode Motos!

Here are some other things we did this summer: Went to utah and of course had to stop at the dinosaur musuem once again!

Got to see Brody sealed to his family and spend time with our cousins in Utah! We went up to Jamie's house too, but of course I hardly have any pictures of this trip!

My mom and dad were there too!!!!

A very special day! Sorry but I am still a lazy blogger and don't feel like fixing these pictures!!!

A Swim of a lifetime!

Jared must've been feeling generous on vacation because as we were paying for our family to watch the dolphin show, he started asking about swimming with them and the costs. I was thinking, "wow that's expensive", and then a minute later he handed jamison and kason their bracelets to swim with the dolphins! Kason got scared and Jared suggested I do it in his place! No complaints from me! This was seriously one of the most fun things I have done in a lifetime and I loved every minute of it! Ryder and Kason still got the dolphin interactive experience where they pet and kissed the dolphins. Jamison and I got to be "pushed" by the dolphins and raised up by the dolphins. I couldn't believe how strong these creatures were and also how smart they were.